1. columnar cell an epithelial cell that is shaped like a column
  2. collar cell any of the flagellated cells in sponges having a collar of cytoplasm around the flagellum; they maintain a flow of water through the body
  3. calumniously in a false and slanderous and defamatory manner
  4. columnar having the form of a column
  5. clamorously in manner that attracts attention
  6. columnist a journalist who writes editorials
  7. coal miner's lung lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust
  8. killer cell T cell with CD8 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and binds to the infected cell and kill it
  9. solar cell a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy
  10. clemency leniency and compassion shown toward offenders
  11. calumnious harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign
  12. Laminariaceae large family of marine brown algae including many economically important large kelps chiefly of northern waters
  13. volumetrically with respect to volume
  14. Lillian Russell United States entertainer remembered for her roles in comic operas (1861-1922)
  15. calmness a feeling of calm; an absence of agitation or excitement
  16. clumsily in a clumsy manner
  17. Laminariales in some classifications coextensive with family Laminariaceae: marine brown algae of cold or polar seas
  18. columbarium a sepulchral vault or other structure having recesses in the walls to receive cinerary urns
  19. Clemenceau French statesman who played a key role in negotiating the Treaty of Versailles (1841-1929)
  20. common rose mallow showy shrub of salt marshes of the eastern United States having large rose-colored flowers