1. cologne a perfumed liquid made of essential oils and alcohol
  2. Cologne a commercial center and river port in western Germany on the Rhine River; flourished during the 15th century as a member of the Hanseatic League
  3. colony a group of organisms of the same type living together
  4. Colony one of the 13 British colonies that formed the original states of the United States
  5. clone a genetically identical organism derived from a single cell
  6. colon the part of the large intestine between the cecum and rectum
  7. Colon a port city at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal
  8. colleen an Irish girl
  9. Kolonia capital of Micronesia
  10. clon a group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction
  11. kaoline a fine usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals (as feldspar); used in ceramics and as an absorbent and as a filler (e.g., in paper)
  12. colonnade structure consisting of a row of evenly spaced columns
  13. colonise settle as a colony; of countries in the developing world
  14. colonize establish political control over a place by sending settlers
  15. colonel a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines
  16. colonic of or relating to the colon
  17. cloisonne enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal strips
  18. colonial relating to a body of people who settle far from home
  19. columnea tropical plant having thick hairy somewhat toothed leaves and solitary or clustered yellow to scarlet flowers; many cultivated for their flowers and ornamental foliage
  20. gallon United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3.785 liters

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