1. Christmas a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ
  2. collateral damage (euphemism) inadvertent casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations
  3. concerted music music arranged in parts for several voices or instruments
  4. Christmas cake a rich fruitcake and eaten at Christmas
  5. Christmas Eve the day before Christmas
  6. Christmas Day a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ
  7. general damages (law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated
  8. fuller's teasel similar to the common teasel and similarly used
  9. teres muscle either of two muscles in the shoulder region that move the shoulders and arms
  10. Christmas holly an evergreen tree
  11. chrestomathy a selection of passages from different authors that is compiled as an aid in learning a language
  12. Christmas box a present given at Christmas for services during the year
  13. clerestory part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light
  14. color scheme a planned combination of colors
  15. colour scheme a planned combination of colors
  16. Christmas carol joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
  17. Rosa damascena large hardy very fragrant pink rose
  18. celery stick celery stalks cut into small sticks
  19. Christmas card a card expressing a Christmas greeting
  20. lower status the state of being inferior