1. clove pink Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers; widely cultivated in many varieties and many colors
  2. clopping the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface
  3. clipping the act of clipping or snipping
  4. cloud bank a layer of clouds seen from a distance
  5. clapping a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together
  6. calf roping capturing a calf with a lasso and binding its feet
  7. clumping the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface
  8. climbing an event that involves rising to a higher point
  9. clubbing a condition in which the ends of toes and fingers become wide and thick; a symptom of heart or lung disease
  10. love a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
  11. clozapine an antipsychotic drug (trade name Clozaril) used as a sedative and for treatment-resistant schizophrenia; know to have few side effects
  12. cloven (used of hooves) split, divided
  13. mauve-pink of pink tinged with mauve
  14. cloying overly sweet
  15. clothing a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  16. violet-pink of pink tinged with lavender
  17. cloning a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)
  18. loving feeling or showing love and affection
  19. creeping a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body
  20. sleeping the state of being asleep