1. clock time a reading of a point in time as given by a clock
  2. eclectic selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
  3. glochidium a barbed spine or bristle (often tufted on cacti)
  4. clock tower a tower with a large clock visible high up on an outside face
  5. quick time a normal marching pace of 120 steps per minute
  6. clock dial the face of a clock showing hours and minutes of the day
  7. collective done by or characteristic of individuals acting together
  8. cloakroom a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily
  9. geologic time the time of the physical formation and development of the earth (especially prior to human history)
  10. clock out register one's departure from work
  11. clockwise in the direction that the hands of a clock move
  12. closing time the regular time of day when an establishment closes to the public
  13. collocate have a strong tendency to occur side by side
  14. clocksmith someone whose occupation is making or repairing clocks and watches
  15. clotting time the time it takes for a sample of blood to clot
  16. cloaked covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak
  17. legitimate in accordance with accepted standards or principles
  18. glochid a barbed spine or bristle (often tufted on cacti)
  19. local time the official time in a local region
  20. cockatiel small grey Australian parrot with a yellow crested head