1. class Crustacea class of mandibulate arthropods including: lobsters
  2. classicise make classic or classical
  3. class Hexapoda insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
  4. blank space a blank area
  5. classics study of the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome
  6. classicize make classic or classical
  7. disc space (computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
  8. classical style the artistic style of ancient Greek art with its emphasis on proportion and harmony
  9. glasses case a case for carrying spectacles
  10. class Chrysophyceae all the yellow-green algae having flagella of unequal length
  11. disk space (computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
  12. enclosed space space that is surrounded by something
  13. classicistic of or relating to classicism
  14. class Ascidiaceae sometimes classified as an order: sea squirts
  15. class Taxopsida yews: in some systems classified as a class (Taxopsida) and in others as a subdivision (Taxophytina) used in some classifications for one of five subdivisions of Gymnospermophyta
  16. classical of the most highly developed stage of an early civilization
  17. class Charophyceae in some classifications: contains only the order Charales
  18. class-conscious (used of society) socially hierarchical
  19. classicism a movement in literature and art during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe that favored rationality and restraint and strict forms
  20. class Chilopoda arthropods having the trunk composed of numerous somites each bearing one pair of legs: centipedes