1. civil liberty fundamental individual right protected by law and expressed as immunity from unwarranted governmental interference
  2. civil-libertarian having or showing active concern for protection of civil liberties protected by law
  3. civil libertarian a libertarian who is actively concerned with the protection of civil liberties
  4. Civil List a sum of money voted by British Parliament each year for the expenses of the British royal family
  5. civil right right belonging to a person by reason of citizenship
  6. civil leader a leader in municipal affairs
  7. civil authority a person who exercises authority over civilian affairs
  8. liberty freedom of choice
  9. civility the act of showing regard for others
  10. stillbirth a natural loss of the products of conception
  11. David Hilbert German mathematician (1862-1943)
  12. Svalbard a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean
  13. filbert small nut-bearing tree much grown in Europe
  14. Cyril Burt English psychologist whose studies of twins were later said to have used fabricated data (1883-1971)
  15. liberal showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
  16. civilized having a high state of culture and social development
  17. deliberate carefully thought out in advance
  18. civic spirit pride in your city
  19. civic pride pride in your city
  20. political liberty one's freedom to exercise one's rights as guaranteed under the laws of the country