1. certainly definitely or positively
  2. personalise make personal or more personal
  3. curtainless not provided with curtains
  4. Ceratophyllaceae coextensive with the genus Ceratophyllum: hornworts
  5. Lacerta agilis a common and widely distributed lizard of Europe and central Asia
  6. Dardanelles the strait between the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara that separates European Turkey from Asian Turkey
  7. sectionalise divide into sections, especially into geographic sections
  8. criminalise declare illegal; outlaw
  9. eternalise make famous forever
  10. sardonic disdainfully or ironically humorous
  11. carnalise debase through carnal gratification
  12. stoneless (of fruits having stones) having the stone removed
  13. Uredinales rust fungi: parasitic fungi causing rust in plants
  14. marginalise relegate to a lower or outer edge, as of specific groups of people
  15. externalise make external or objective, or give reality to
  16. certain established beyond doubt or question; definitely known
  17. rationalise think rationally; employ logic or reason
  18. fertilise make fertile or productive
  19. stainless (of reputation) free from blemishes
  20. arterialise change venous blood into arterial blood