1. cast on make the first row of stitches when knitting
  2. cast iron an alloy of iron containing so much carbon that it is brittle and so cannot be wrought but must be shaped by casting
  3. cast down lower someone's spirits; make downhearted
  4. cast-iron extremely robust
  5. contusion an injury in which the skin is not broken
  6. Cartesian of or relating to Rene Descartes or his works
  7. Costanoan a member of a North American Indian people living in coastal California between Monterey and San Francisco Bay
  8. Castilian the Spanish language as spoken in Castile
  9. gestation the period during which an embryo develops
  10. gastrin polypeptide hormone secreted by the mucous lining of the stomach; when peptides and amino acids are present in the small intestine the secretion of gastric acid is stimulated
  11. custodian one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals
  12. costs pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation
  13. Castanea chestnuts; chinkapins
  14. cast aside throw or cast away
  15. costus oil a yellow volatile essential oil obtained from costusroot
  16. coastline the outline of a coast
  17. cortisone a corticosteroid hormone (trade name Cortone Acetate) normally produced by the adrenal cortex; is converted to hydrocortisone
  18. gustation the faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouth
  19. Castillian a native or inhabitant of Castile
  20. castration surgical removal of the testes or ovaries