1. compromise an accommodation in which both sides make concessions
  2. misinformation information that is incorrect
  3. disinformation misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals (foreign enemies or business competitors etc.)
  4. confirmation information that verifies
  5. sales promotion promotion that supplements or coordinates advertising
  6. base of operations installation from which a military force initiates operations
  7. conformation acting according to certain accepted standards
  8. information knowledge acquired through study or experience
  9. promotion the act of raising in rank or position
  10. prominent conspicuous in position or importance
  11. reaction formation (psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously develops attitudes and behavior that are the opposite of unacceptable repressed desires and impulses and serve to conceal them
  12. calque formation an expression introduced into one language by translating it from another language
  13. provisions a stock or supply of foods
  14. instructions a manual explaining how to install or operate a device
  15. compromising making or willing to make concessions
  16. chlorpromazine a drug (trade name Thorazine) derived from phenothiazine that has antipsychotic effects and is used as a sedative and tranquilizer
  17. promotional of or relating to serving as publicity
  18. case in point an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
  19. consummation the act of bringing to completion or fruition
  20. corrections the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole