1. cash crop a cultivated plant that is grown to be sold for profit
  2. catch crop a crop that grows quickly (e.g. lettuce) and can be planted between two regular crops grown in successive seasons or between two rows of crops in the same season
  3. cash card a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash
  4. cashcard a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash
  5. cash cow a project that generates a continuous flow of money
  6. core group a small group of indispensable persons or things
  7. coscoroba large white South American bird intermediate in some respects between ducks and swans
  8. cashier a person responsible for receiving payments for goods
  9. cover crop crop planted to prevent soil erosion and provide green manure
  10. cashmere the wool of a type of goat from India
  11. sash cord a strong cord connecting a sash weight to a sliding sash
  12. caltrop tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets; serious pasture weed
  13. Cashmere an area in southwestern Asia whose sovereignty is disputed between Pakistan and India
  14. carhop a waiter at a drive-in restaurant
  15. kin group group of people related by blood or marriage
  16. cough drop a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat
  17. cash price the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market
  18. cachectic relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia
  19. rock outcrop the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land
  20. cash account an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis