1. cringing totally submissive
  2. corn exchange an exchange where grains are bought and sold
  3. bringing the act of delivering or distributing something
  4. ringing the sound of a bell ringing
  5. carcinogenic causing or tending to cause cancer
  6. shrinking the act of becoming less
  7. arranging the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music
  8. care a hang show no concern or interest; always used in the negative
  9. drenching the act of making something completely wet
  10. drinking the act of consuming liquids
  11. branching having branches
  12. ranging wandering freely
  13. carrying charge charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan
  14. clanging having a loud resonant metallic sound
  15. clinking like the light sharp ringing sound of glasses being tapped
  16. Crangonidae shrimps
  17. Crangon type genus of the family Crangonidae
  18. firing range a practice range for target practice
  19. caring feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others
  20. drawing ink a black liquid ink used for printing or writing or drawing