1. canned foods food preserved by canning
  2. canned goods food preserved by canning
  3. canned food food preserved by canning
  4. candyfloss a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature
  5. tinned goods food preserved by canning
  6. cognitive relating to or involving the mental process of knowing
  7. candidacy the campaign of a candidate to be elected
  8. cannon fodder soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire
  9. connective tissue tissue of mesodermal origin consisting of e.g. collagen fibroblasts and fatty cells; supports organs and fills spaces between them and forms tendons and ligaments
  10. canned hunt a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections
  11. canned meat meat preserved in a can or tin
  12. candlewood any of several resinous trees or shrubs often burned for light
  13. cat food food prepared for cats
  14. dandified affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner
  15. Canna edulis canna grown especially for its edible rootstock from which arrowroot starch is obtained
  16. hindfoot a rear foot of a quadruped
  17. genitive case the case expressing ownership
  18. connectivity the property of being connected or the degree to which something has connections
  19. giant hives recurrent large circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema
  20. Crotaphytus collared lizards

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