1. cancer drug any of several drugs that control or kill neoplastic cells
  2. concerto grosso a baroque composition for orchestra and a group of solo instruments
  3. genus Podargus type genus of the Podargidae
  4. cancerous relating to or affected with cancer
  5. Cancer borealis large red deep-water crab of the eastern coast of North America
  6. Cancer irroratus crab of eastern coast of North America
  7. concert dance a theatrical representation of a story that is performed to music by trained dancers
  8. genus Taurotragus African antelopes: elands
  9. genus Andricus cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaks
  10. genus Budorcas gnu goats
  11. concert-goer someone who attends concerts
  12. genus Neurotrichus shrew moles
  13. concertize give concerts; perform in concerts
  14. concertise give concerts; perform in concerts
  15. genus Erithacus Old World thrushes
  16. genus Ammotragus genus of wild sheep
  17. genus Bathyergus mole rats
  18. conservative resistant to change
  19. Cancer the Crab the fourth sign of the zodiac
  20. genus Hippotragus sable antelopes