Other forms: calipers; calipered; calipering

Definitions of caliper
  1. noun
    an instrument for measuring the distance between two points (often used in the plural)
    synonyms: calliper
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    inside caliper
    caliper for measuring inside dimensions (the size of a cavity or hole); points on its legs curve outward
    micrometer, micrometer caliper, micrometer gauge
    caliper for measuring small distances
    odd-leg caliper
    caliper having the points on its legs both curve in the same direction
    outside caliper
    caliper for measuring outside dimensions; points on its legs curve inward
    vernier caliper, vernier micrometer
    a caliper with a vernier scale for very fine measurements
    type of:
    measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system
    instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
  2. verb
    measure the diameter of something with calipers
    synonyms: calliper
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    type of:
    measure, measure out, mensurate
    determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of
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