1. bench press a small punch press mounted on a workbench
  2. punch press a power driven press used to shape metal parts
  3. selling price the price at which something is offered for sale
  4. rising prices a general and progressive increase in prices
  5. bearing brass a brass bushing or a lining for a bearing
  6. capricious determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity
  7. asking price the price at which something is offered for sale
  8. bride price money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride
  9. weeping spruce medium-sized spruce of California and Oregon having pendulous branches
  10. bid price (stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to buy a certain security
  11. closing price (stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session
  12. playing period the time during which play proceeds
  13. polling place a site where voters go to cast their votes in an election
  14. Zingiberaceae a family of tropical monocotyledonous plants of order Musales
  15. king protea South African shrub whose flowers when open are cup-shaped resembling artichokes
  16. caprice a sudden desire
  17. neck brace a brace worn to steady the neck
  18. bean caper perennial shrub of the eastern Mediterranean region and southwestern Asia having flowers whose buds are used as capers
  19. Bolingbroke the first Lancastrian king of England from 1399 to 1413
  20. purchase price the price at which something is actually purchased