1. boatswain a petty officer on a merchant ship
  2. button a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats
  3. beautician someone who works in a beauty parlor
  4. butt on lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
  5. Botswana a landlocked republic in south-central Africa that became independent from British control in the 1960s
  6. Batswana a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa
  7. by design with intention; in an intentional manner
  8. butt in break into a conversation
  9. bedizen decorate tastelessly
  10. buttony small and round and shiny like a shiny bead or button
  11. battalion an army unit consisting of a headquarters and companies
  12. jettison throw away, of something encumbering
  13. Pitocin hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland
  14. batsman (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting
  15. batten a strip fixed to something to hold it firm
  16. butanone colorless soluble flammable liquid ketone used as a solvent for resins and as a paint remover and in lacquers and cements and adhesives and cleaning fluids and celluloid
  17. put-upon of persons; taken advantage of
  18. but then (contrastive) from another point of view
  19. put on put clothing on one's body
  20. butyrin any of three glycerides of butyric acid