1. bubble gum a kind of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles
  2. blue gum tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil; young leaves are bluish
  3. Bubulcus small white egrets
  4. bubble up move upwards in bubbles, as from the effect of heating
  5. table game a game that is played on a table
  6. pabulum any substance that can be used as food
  7. Belgium a monarchy in northwestern Europe
  8. bubble chamber an instrument that records the tracks of ionizing particles
  9. pablum worthless or oversimplified ideas
  10. Pablum a soft form of cereal for infants
  11. babble out divulge confidential information or secrets
  12. bubblejet a kind of ink-jet printer
  13. bubbling emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation
  14. bubbler any of various devices in which air or some other gas is bubbled through a liquid
  15. bubble a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
  16. biblical of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible
  17. publican the keeper of a public house
  18. publicly in a manner accessible to or observable by the public
  19. bubble bath a bath in which you add something to foam and scent the bath water
  20. bubble over overflow with a certain feeling

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