1. body hair short hair growing over a person's body
  2. buttery resembling or containing or spread with butter
  3. butter a solid yellow food made from cream
  4. boat race a race between people rowing or driving boats
  5. Blattaria cockroaches; in some classifications considered an order
  6. Mata Hari Dutch dancer who was executed by the French as a German spy in World War I (1876-1917)
  7. boatyard a place where boats are built or maintained or stored
  8. Cathari a Christian religious sect in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries; believers in Albigensianism
  9. boat hook pole-handled hook used to pull or push boats
  10. boat-race participate in a boat race
  11. root hair thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell just behind the tip; absorbs nutrients from the soil
  12. bad hat someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
  13. butyric relating to or producing butyric acid
  14. butyrin any of three glycerides of butyric acid
  15. tuatara only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealand
  16. Katari of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants
  17. Qatari of or concerning Qatar or its inhabitants
  18. Bihari the Indic language spoken in Bihar
  19. boat train a train taking passengers to or from a port
  20. athar essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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