1. bring forth bring into existence
  2. bring forward cause to move forward
  3. Frankfort a German city
  4. burgeon forth produce buds, branches, or germinate
  5. bring out make visible
  6. brine-cured (used especially of meats) preserved in salt
  7. Frankfurt a German city
  8. bring about cause to happen, occur or exist
  9. poring over reading carefully with intent to remember
  10. burst forth be unleashed; emerge with violence or noise
  11. bring round cause to adopt an opinion or course of action
  12. sallying forth a venture off the beaten path
  13. barking frog of southwest United States and Mexico
  14. bring off be successful; achieve a goal
  15. wring from get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner
  16. bring through bring into safety
  17. bring to return to consciousness
  18. spring frog common North American green or brownish frog having white-edged dark oval spots
  19. bring around cause to adopt an opinion or course of action
  20. Bering Strait a strait connecting the Bering Sea to the Arctic Ocean