1. breakdown the act of disrupting an established order so it fails to continue
  2. break down stop operating or functioning
  3. bear down exert a force with a heavy weight
  4. beardown with full strength
  5. bring down move something or somebody to a lower position
  6. breakstone any of various plants of the genus Saxifraga
  7. break even attain a level at which there is neither gain nor loss, as in business, gambling, or a competitive sport
  8. crack down repress or suppress (something regarded as undesirable)
  9. crackdown severely repressive actions
  10. track down pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)
  11. break out begin suddenly and sometimes violently
  12. back down move backwards from a certain position
  13. breakout an escape from jail
  14. break open erupt or intensify suddenly
  15. press down press down
  16. brush down reprimand
  17. break in intrude on uninvited
  18. drag down exert a force with a heavy weight
  19. break-in trespassing for an unlawful purpose
  20. break dance a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground; normally performed to the rhythm of rap music

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