1. branch out vary in order to spread risk or to expand
  2. bring out make visible
  3. branchiate provided with gills
  4. branched resembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches
  5. pernicious exceedingly harmful
  6. branchlet a small branch or division of a branch
  7. branchiopod aquatic crustaceans typically having a carapace and many pairs of leaflike appendages used for swimming as well as respiration and feeding
  8. brunch coat a woman's short housecoat or wrapper
  9. bring to return to consciousness
  10. brainwashed subjected to intensive forced indoctrination resulting in the rejection of old beliefs and acceptance of new ones
  11. bronchiole any of the smallest bronchial ducts; ending in alveoli
  12. bronchitis inflammation of the membranes lining the bronchial tubes
  13. branch a division of a stem arising from the main stem of a plant
  14. bronchus either of the two main branches of the trachea
  15. branch water pure natural water from a stream or brook
  16. branchial of or relating to gills
  17. melancholy a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed
  18. blank out cut out, as for political reasons
  19. crank out produce in a routine or monotonous manner
  20. punch out register one's departure from work