1. bottled gas hydrocarbon gases, usually propane or butane, kept under pressure
  2. bottle-grass European foxtail naturalized in North America
  3. bottle grass European foxtail naturalized in North America
  4. battle dress a military uniform designed for field service
  5. battle-axe a broadax used as a weapon
  6. bottled water drinking water that is put into bottles and offered for sale
  7. battle of Issus a battle (333 BC) in which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians under Darius III
  8. battle of Ipsus a battle between the successors of Alexander the Great
  9. battle-ax a broadax used as a weapon
  10. bottle green dark to moderate or greyish green
  11. bottle-green of a dark to moderate greyish green color
  12. bottlenose any of several dolphins with rounded forehead and well-developed beak; chiefly of northern Atlantic and Mediterranean
  13. Diplotaxis wall rocket
  14. battle of Crecy the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War
  15. pin-tailed grouse sandgrouse of Europe and Africa having elongated middle tail feathers
  16. bottle gourd Old World climbing plant with hard-shelled bottle-shaped gourds as fruits
  17. battle damage loss of military equipment in battle
  18. bottle screw a bottle opener that pulls corks
  19. battledore an ancient racket game
  20. bottle tree an Australian tree of the genus Brachychiton