1. border patrol a group of officers who patrol the borders of a country
  2. border patrolman someone who patrols the borders of a country
  3. US Border Patrol the mobile law enforcement arm of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that detects and prevents illegal entry of aliens into the United States
  4. harbor patrol patrol of officers who police a harbor area
  5. Border terrier small rough-coated terrier of British origin
  6. airborne patrol a patrol provided by aircraft
  7. order Batrachia frogs, toads, tree toads
  8. shore patrol the military police of the navy
  9. pitter-patter a series of rapid tapping sounds
  10. suborder Passeres two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
  11. order Raptores term used in former classifications
  12. peripteral having columns on all sides
  13. peremptorily in an imperative and commanding manner
  14. leaded petrol gasoline treated with a lead compound to reduce motor knocks
  15. suborder Lipotyphla moles; hedgehogs; true shrews
  16. order paper a printed copy of the order of the day
  17. suborder Blattaria cockroaches; in some classifications considered an order
  18. suborder Hyperotreta hagfishes as distinguished from lampreys
  19. order Piperales Piperaceae; Saururaceae; Chloranthaceae
  20. order Proteales coextensive with the family Proteaceae