1. bone spavin spavin caused by a bony growth
  2. bog spavin spavin caused by collection of fluids
  3. blood spavin spavin caused by distension of the veins
  4. genus Pavonia genus of tropical hairy shrubs or herbs of tropics and subtropics especially South America
  5. spavin a swelling of the hock joint of a horse
  6. Pennsylvania a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
  7. Pinus parryana five-needled pinon of southern California and northern Baja California having (sometimes three-needled or four-needled showing hybridization from Pinus californiarum)
  8. finespun developed with extreme delicacy and subtlety
  9. downspin a swift and dangerous downturn
  10. Pinus pinea medium-sized two-needled pine of southern Europe having a spreading crown; widely cultivated for its sweet seeds that resemble almonds
  11. inspan attach a yoke or harness to
  12. bear's-paw fern epiphytic fern with large fronds; Taiwan and Philippines
  13. Ernest Bevin British labor leader and statesman who played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)
  14. genus Pavo peafowl
  15. unsparing not forbearing; ruthless
  16. horned puffin northern Pacific puffin
  17. genus Puffinus shearwaters
  18. Pineus pinifoliae a variety of adelgid
  19. Tangier peavine North African annual resembling the sweet pea having showy but odorless flowers
  20. Puffinus puffinus small black-and-white shearwater common in the northeastern Atlantic