1. bog star plant having ovate leaves in a basal rosette and white starlike flowers netted with green
  2. bog aster a variety of aster
  3. bookstore a shop where books are sold
  4. backstair secret and sly or sordid
  5. bolster support and strengthen
  6. Dog Star the brightest star in the sky; in Canis Major
  7. polestar the brightest star in Ursa Minor
  8. co-star one of two actors who are given equal status as stars in a play or film
  9. register an official written record of names or events
  10. beach aster slightly succulent perennial with basal leaves and hairy sticky stems each bearing a solitary flower head with narrow pink or lavender rays; coastal bluffs Oregon to southern California
  11. Bextra a Cox-2 inhibitor (trade name Bextra) that relieves pain and inflammation without harming the digestive tract
  12. rock star a famous singer of rock music
  13. pole star the brightest star in Ursa Minor
  14. blue star subshrubs of southeastern United States forming slow-growing clumps and having blue flowers in short terminal cymes
  15. bookstall a shop where books are sold
  16. big sister an older sister
  17. jokester a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes
  18. backstairs a second staircase at the rear of a building
  19. digester autoclave consisting of a vessel in which plant or animal materials are digested
  20. backstay a stay that supports the back of something