1. blossom out develop or come to a promising stage
  2. blossom a flower or cluster of flowers on a plant
  3. boil smut a common smut attacking Indian corn causing greyish white swellings that rupture to expose a black spore mass
  4. blossom forth develop or come to a promising stage
  5. plasmid a small cellular inclusion consisting of a ring of DNA that is not in a chromosome but is capable of autonomous replication
  6. blazon out proclaim or announce in public
  7. place mat a mat serving as table linen for an individual place setting
  8. balsamroot a plant of the genus Balsamorhiza having downy leaves in a basal rosette and yellow flowers and long balsam-scented taproots
  9. polysemous having many meanings
  10. blossoming the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
  11. possumwood medium-sized tree of dry woodlands in the southern and eastern United States bearing yellow or orange very astringent fruit that is edible when fully ripe
  12. blastoma a tumor composed of immature undifferentiated cells
  13. plasmodium multinucleate sheet of cytoplasm characteristic of some stages of such organisms as slime molds
  14. bosomed having a bosom as specified or having something likened to a bosom; usually used in compounds
  15. plessimeter a small thin metal plate held against the body and struck with a plexor in percussive examinations
  16. polysemant a word having more than one meaning
  17. pleasant being in harmony with your taste or likings
  18. blasphemy profane language
  19. classmate an acquaintance that you go to school with
  20. blastema a mass of undifferentiated cells from which an organ or body part develops

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