1. blasting gelatin mixture of guncotton with nitroglycerin
  2. blasting cap a small tube filled with detonating substances
  3. Blastocladia a genus of fungi of the family Blastodiaceae
  4. blistering agent a toxic war gas with sulfide based compounds that raises blisters and attacks the eyes and lungs; there is no known antidote
  5. plastination a process involving fixation and dehydration and forced impregnation and hardening of biological tissues; water and lipids are replaced by curable polymers (silicone or epoxy or polyester) that are subsequently hardened
  6. blastogenetic of or relating to blastogenesis
  7. class Tentaculata ctenophores have retractile tentacles
  8. glycerinated gelatin a gelatinous preparation made from gelatin and glycerin and water; used as a base for ointments and suppositories
  9. glycerogelatin a medicated skin preparation made from glycerin and glycerinated gelatin
  10. basting stitch a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together
  11. casting lots making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn
  12. batting glove a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the bat
  13. plastinate preserve (tissue) with plastics, as for teaching and research purposes
  14. blastocoelic of or relating to a segmentation cavity
  15. blasting unpleasantly loud and penetrating
  16. lastingly in an enduring or permanent manner
  17. Pastinaca sativa a strong-scented plant cultivated for its edible root
  18. bursting charge a quantity of explosive to be set off at one time
  19. blastomycotic of or relating to or characteristic of blastomycosis
  20. blastocoel the fluid-filled cavity inside a blastula