1. blank space a blank area
  2. backspace the typewriter key used for back spacing
  3. blank verse unrhymed poetry, usually in iambic pentameter
  4. black sea bass bluish black-striped sea bass of the Atlantic coast of the United States
  5. breathing space sufficient room for easy breathing or movement
  6. living space space sought for occupation by a nation whose population is expanding
  7. parking space a space where an automobile can be parked
  8. bronchospasm a spasm of the bronchi that makes exhalation difficult and noisy; associated with asthma and bronchitis
  9. long since of the distant or comparatively distant past
  10. pleural space the small potential space between the parietal and visceral layers of the pleura
  11. billingsgate foul-mouthed or obscene abuse
  12. blankness the state of being blank; void; emptiness
  13. blanc fixe a white insoluble radiopaque powder used as a pigment
  14. backspacer the typewriter key used for back spacing
  15. blinks small Indian lettuce of northern regions
  16. Planck's law the basis of quantum theory
  17. polling place a place where voters go to cast their votes in an election
  18. blank check a check that has been signed but with the amount payable left blank
  19. bowling score the score in a bowling match
  20. plangency having the character of a loud deep sound