1. bladder senna yellow-flowered European shrub cultivated for its succession of yellow flowers and very inflated bladdery pods and as a source of wildlife food
  2. bladder stone a calculus formed in the bladder
  3. bladdernose medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters
  4. bladder fern any fern of the genus Cystopteris characterized by a hooded indusium or bladderlike membrane covering the sori
  5. lederhosen leather shorts often worn with suspenders
  6. blade roast a roast cut from the blade
  7. plaster saint a person (considered to be) without human failings
  8. balldress a suit or dress for formal occasions
  9. bladder cherry Old World perennial cultivated for its ornamental inflated papery orange-red calyx
  10. platyrrhinian of or related to New World monkeys having nostrils far apart or to people with broad noses
  11. bladder worm encysted saclike larva of the tapeworm
  12. bladderwrack a common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure
  13. platyrhinian of or related to New World monkeys having nostrils far apart or to people with broad noses
  14. bladderlike resembling a bladder
  15. bladderwort any of numerous aquatic carnivorous plants of the genus Utricularia some of whose leaves are modified as small urn-shaped bladders that trap minute aquatic animals
  16. blatherskite foolish gibberish
  17. boulder fern fern of eastern North America with pale green fronds and an aroma like hay
  18. bladderpod annual or perennial herbs with inflated seed pods
  19. bladder ketmia annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers
  20. bacitracin a polypeptide antibiotic of known chemical structure effective against several types of Gram-positive organisms; usually applied locally

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