1. bird louse wingless insect with mouth parts adapted for biting
  2. bordelaise brown sauce with beef marrow and red wine
  3. birdhouse a shelter for birds
  4. prodigious great in size, force, extent, or degree
  5. bark louse any of several insects living on the bark of plants
  6. bark-louse any of several insects living on the bark of plants
  7. frivolous not serious in content, attitude, or behavior
  8. brutalise treat brutally
  9. perilous fraught with danger
  10. credulous showing a lack of judgment or experience
  11. beardless having no beard
  12. Port Louis capital and chief port of Mauritius
  13. barrelhouse a cheap drinking and dancing establishment
  14. incredulous not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  15. body louse a parasitic louse that infests the body of human beings
  16. birdlime a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds
  17. brutalize treat brutally
  18. breathalyse test someone's alcohol level in his blood by means of a breathalyzer
  19. pendulous hanging loosely or bending downward
  20. parlous fraught with danger