1. unconcerned lacking in interest or care or feeling
  2. pooling of interest an accounting method used in the merging of companies
  3. lying under oath criminal offense of making false statements under oath
  4. giant hornet European hornet introduced into the United States
  5. preponderant having superior power or influence
  6. encounter come together
  7. bean counter an accountant or bureaucrat who is believed to place undue emphasis on the control of expenditures
  8. counterfeit not genuine; imitating something superior
  9. back entrance an entrance at the rear of a building
  10. uncontrived not by design or artifice; unforced and impromptu
  11. internet a worldwide network of computer networks
  12. Libyan monetary unit monetary unit in Libya
  13. long hundred the cardinal number that is the product of ten and twelve
  14. change integrity change in physical make-up
  15. Cuban monetary unit monetary unit in Cuba
  16. unconstraint the trait of lacking restraint or control
  17. change intensity increase or decrease in intensity
  18. engender call forth
  19. ungoverned not restrained or controlled
  20. long hundredweight a British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds