1. black pepper climber having dark red berries when fully ripe
  2. backpacker a hiker who wears a bag over the shoulder
  3. milk powder dehydrated milk
  4. public speaker a person who delivers a speech or oration
  5. black bear brown to black North American bear
  6. black book a list of people who are out of favor
  7. black box equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight
  8. black poplar large European poplar
  9. bialystoker flat crusty-bottomed onion roll
  10. milk pox a mild form of smallpox caused by a less virulent form of the virus
  11. black beech New Zealand forest tree
  12. black birch common birch of the eastern United States having spicy brown bark yielding a volatile oil and hard dark wood used for furniture
  13. Black Panther a member of the Black Panthers political party
  14. black buck common Indian antelope with a dark back and spiral horns
  15. Plecoptera stoneflies
  16. blackbuck common Indian antelope with a dark back and spiral horns
  17. back porch a porch for the back door
  18. bilge pump a pump to remove bilgewater
  19. black pine tall symmetrical pine of western North America having long blue-green needles in bunches of 3 and elongated cones on spreading somewhat pendulous branches; sometimes classified as a variety of ponderosa pine
  20. blue pickerel variety inhabiting the Great Lakes

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