1. bigot a prejudiced person who is intolerant of differing opinions
  2. hypocrite a person who professes beliefs that he or she does not hold
  3. beggarweed West Indian forage plant cultivated in southern United States as forage and to improve soil
  4. bigarade any of various common orange trees yielding sour or bitter fruit; used as grafting stock
  5. bowler hat a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim
  6. bigger large or big relative to something else
  7. bigotry intolerance and prejudice
  8. ziggurat a rectangular tiered temple or terraced mound
  9. peckerwood bird with strong claws and a stiff tail adapted for climbing and a hard chisel-like bill for boring into wood for insects
  10. jiggered (British informal expletive) surprised
  11. big shot an important influential person
  12. piggery a farm where pigs are raised or kept
  13. bagger a machine for putting objects or substances into bags
  14. big cat any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
  15. niggard a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend
  16. loggerhead very large carnivorous sea turtle
  17. juggernaut a massive inexorable force
  18. booger dried nasal mucus
  19. bicker argue over petty things
  20. bigoted blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion