1. big board the large display board at the New York Stock Exchange that reports on stocks traded on the exchange
  2. buckboard an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels
  3. backboard a board used to support the back of someone or something
  4. pegboard a board perforated with regularly spaced holes into which pegs can be fitted
  5. backwards in a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal
  6. billboard large outdoor signboard
  7. PC board a removable circuit board for a personal computer
  8. big brother an older brother
  9. Big Brother an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy
  10. billiards game in which cue sticks are used to propel balls on a table
  11. baseboard a molding covering the joint formed by a wall and the floor
  12. big-boned having a bone structure that is massive in contrast with the surrounding flesh
  13. big band a large dance or jazz band usually featuring improvised solos by lead musicians
  14. boards the stage of a theater
  15. keyboard set of levers that can be pressed, as on a piano or computer
  16. cupboard a small room (or recess) or cabinet used for storage space
  17. blackboard sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
  18. bombard throw bombs at or attack with bombs
  19. wakeboard a buoyant board (resembling a surfboard) that is used to ride over water while being pulled behind a motorboat
  20. duckboard a boardwalk laid across muddy ground