1. bid price (stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to buy a certain security
  2. bride price money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride
  3. cut-price costing less than standard price
  4. cut price a price below the standard price
  5. Beatrice the woman who guided Dante through Paradise in the Divine Comedy
  6. spot price the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market
  7. prejudice a partiality preventing objective consideration of an issue
  8. body process an organic process that takes place in the body
  9. debris the remains of something that has been destroyed
  10. caprice a sudden desire
  11. bad person a person who does harm to others
  12. booby prize a prize given to one who finishes last in a contest
  13. surprise come upon or take unawares
  14. list price the selling price of something as stated in a catalogue or price list; often subject to discounts
  15. deprive take away
  16. capricious determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity
  17. depress push down
  18. comprise be made of
  19. Tiberius son-in-law of Augustus who became a suspicious tyrannical Emperor of Rome after a brilliant military career (42 BC to AD 37)
  20. bud brush a perennial that is valuable as sheep forage in the United States