1. trouble maker someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
  2. strip poker poker in which a player's losses are paid by removing an article of clothing
  3. coffee maker a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automatically
  4. statue maker an artist who creates sculptures
  5. troublemaker someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
  6. strip miner a miner who does strip mining
  7. test driver a driver who drives a motor vehicle to evaluate its performance
  8. Basket Maker early Amerindians related to the Pueblo
  9. drip coffee coffee made by passing boiling water through a perforated container packed with finely ground coffee
  10. basketmaker someone skilled in weaving baskets
  11. speechmaker a person who delivers a speech or oration
  12. bus driver someone who drives a bus
  13. espresso maker a coffee maker that forces live steam under pressure through dark roasted coffee grounds
  14. tightrope walker an acrobat who performs on a tightrope or slack rope
  15. cardiac pacemaker a specialized bit of heart tissue that controls the heartbeat
  16. patternmaker someone who makes patterns
  17. Kentucky coffee tree handsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute
  18. obstetrical delivery the act of delivering a child
  19. barrel maker a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs
  20. beer drinker someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale

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