1. Bhadrapada the sixth month of the Hindu calendar
  2. perturbed thrown into a state of agitated confusion
  3. Arthropoda jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids
  4. border patrol a group of officers who patrol the borders of a country
  5. bacteria bed layer of sand or gravel used to expose sewage effluent to air and the action of microorganisms
  6. perdurability the property of being extremely durable
  7. bladderpod annual or perennial herbs with inflated seed pods
  8. perdurable very long lasting
  9. arthropod invertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body
  10. pituitary body the master gland of the endocrine system
  11. Perdicidae Old World partridges
  12. brake pad one of the pads that apply friction to both sides of the brake disk
  13. arthropathy a pathology or abnormality of a joint
  14. paratrooper a soldier in the paratroops
  15. reattribute attribute to another source
  16. body pad a pad worn by hockey goalkeeper
  17. paratroops infantry trained and equipped to parachute
  18. parturient of or relating to or giving birth
  19. power trip (slang) a self-aggrandizing action undertaken simply for the pleasure of exercising control over other people
  20. preterist a theologian who believes that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) have already been fulfilled

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