1. bawling out a severe scolding
  2. blank out cut out, as for political reasons
  3. polling day the day appointed for an election
  4. falling out a personal or social separation
  5. belong to be a part or adjunct
  6. bellying curving outward
  7. bullying the act of intimidating a weaker person to do something
  8. blanket bedding that keeps a person warm in bed
  9. bullnecked having a thick short powerful neck
  10. bring out make visible
  11. Bellingham a town in northwestern Washington on a bay near the Canadian border
  12. blanched developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light
  13. belling a noisy mock serenade to a newly married couple
  14. bellowing a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)
  15. bilingual using or knowing two languages
  16. planchet a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin
  17. blowing up a severe rebuke
  18. bell cot a small shelter for bells; has a gable or shed roof
  19. Billings the largest city in Montana
  20. planchette a triangular board supported on casters