1. bell book a logbook in which all orders concerning the main engines of a ship are recorded
  2. bellicose having or showing a ready disposition to fight
  3. pillbox a small case for holding pills
  4. playbox a box for a child's toys and personal things
  5. blue book a register of persons who are socially prominent
  6. playbook a book containing the scripts of one or more dramatic plays
  7. bell-bottoms trousers with legs that flare
  8. play-box a box for a child's toys and personal things
  9. callipygous pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks
  10. big bucks a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)
  11. Polyborus a genus of Falconidae
  12. call box booth for using a telephone
  13. Blaberus giant cockroaches
  14. Bolbitis terrestrial or less than normally scandent ferns of tropical regions of northern hemisphere
  15. bellows a mechanical device that blows a strong current of air
  16. yellow pages a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically by field along with classified advertising
  17. Helleborus a genus of Helleborus
  18. bell buoy a buoy with a bell on it
  19. billhook a long-handled saw with a curved blade
  20. bellboy someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels