1. beam of light a column of light (as from a beacon)
  2. pamphlet a small book usually having a paper cover
  3. beacon light a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships
  4. speed of light the speed at which light travels in a vacuum
  5. become flat lose sparkle or bouquet
  6. ray of light a column of light (as from a beacon)
  7. spaceflight a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
  8. bean blight a blight of bean plants
  9. plight a situation from which extrication is difficult
  10. ball field the baseball playing field
  11. perfoliate having the base united around the stem
  12. backfield the offensive football players who line up behind the linemen
  13. moonlight the light of the Moon
  14. blight any plant disease resulting in withering without rotting
  15. peach blight a disease of trees bearing drupes
  16. City of Light the capital and largest city of France
  17. take flight run away quickly
  18. brake light a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop
  19. bobfloat a small float usually made of cork
  20. beet blight a disease of beet plants