1. basil mint perennial herb of the eastern United States having inconspicuous greenish flowers and narrow leaves that are very aromatic when bruised
  2. bailment the delivery of personal property in trust by the bailor to the bailee
  3. puzzlement confusion resulting from failure to understand
  4. bafflement confusion resulting from failure to understand
  5. battlement a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns
  6. basement the lowermost portion of a structure below ground level
  7. beguilement magnetic personal charm
  8. parliament a legislative assembly in certain countries
  9. Belmont a racetrack for thoroughbred racing in Elmont on Long Island
  10. befoulment the state of being polluted
  11. supplement an additional component that improves capability
  12. burial mound (archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs
  13. solemnity a trait of dignified seriousness
  14. habiliment a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  15. distillment the process of purifying a liquid by boiling it and condensing its vapors
  16. applemint mint with apple-scented stems of southern and western Europe
  17. basilican of or relating to or resembling a basilica
  18. racial immunity natural immunity shared by all members of a particular race
  19. calamint perennial aromatic herbs growing in hedgerows or scrub or open woodlands from western Europe to central Asia and in North America
  20. ailment an often persistent bodily disorder or disease

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