When you're barefoot, you're not wearing any shoes or socks. It might feel good to walk barefoot on a sandy beach on a warm day, but just don't try entering a restaurant barefoot.

Some kids might spend the whole summer barefoot, walking down sidewalks with their sneakers in their hands, and if you're a lifeguard or a professional gymnast, you get to be barefoot at work. The Old English root of barefoot is bærfot, combining bær, "naked" or "uncovered," with fot, "foot."

Definitions of barefoot
  1. adjective
    without shoes
    “the barefoot boy”
    synonyms: barefooted, shoeless
    unshod, unshoed
    not shod
  2. adverb
    without shoes on
    “he chased her barefoot across the meadow”
    synonyms: barefooted
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