1. prejudice a partiality preventing objective consideration of an issue
  2. bandaged covered or wrapped with a bandage
  3. Andre Gide French author and dramatist who is regarded as the father of modern French literature (1869-1951)
  4. Pindaric ode an ode form used by Pindar
  5. band aid hurried repair
  6. ponderosity the property of being large in mass
  7. Band Aid trade name for an adhesive bandage to cover small cuts or blisters
  8. Podargidae frogmouths
  9. binder board a cardboard used by bookbinders to make covers for books
  10. undergird make secure underneath
  11. banderilla a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight
  12. bandage a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injury
  13. boundary line a line that indicates a boundary
  14. Saint Jude supposed brother of St. James
  15. banded marked with bands or strips of contrasting color or texture
  16. boundary the line indicating the limit or extent of something
  17. banderillero the bullfighter who implants decorated darts (banderillas) into the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight
  18. boundary layer the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surface
  19. bandwidth a data transmission rate
  20. banded gecko any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and Florida Gulf Coast