1. childhood the state of a child between infancy and adolescence
  2. second childhood mental infirmity as a consequence of old age
  3. broad-shouldered having broad shoulders
  4. early childhood the early stage of growth or development
  5. binucleated having two nuclei
  6. Pediculidae true lice: human lice and related forms
  7. bedclothes coverings that are used on a bed
  8. adulthood the period of time in life after physical growth has stopped
  9. pediculicide a chemical agent that kills lice
  10. Pediculati anglers and batfishes
  11. godchild an infant who is sponsored by an adult at baptism
  12. Pteroclididae sandgrouses
  13. bed clothing coverings that are used on a bed
  14. bracelet wood small West Indian shrub or tree with hard glossy seeds patterned yellow and brown that are used to make bracelets
  15. Baptisia lactea erect or spreading herb having racemes of creamy white flowers; the eastern United States
  16. meadow goldenrod large North American goldenrod having showy clusters of yellow flowers on arching branches; often a weed
  17. radiculitis inflammation of the radicle of a nerve
  18. broadcloth a densely textured woolen fabric with a lustrous finish
  19. calculated carefully thought out in advance
  20. Rothschild any of family of powerful Jewish bankers in Europe

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