1. perseverance the act of persisting
  2. transferrin a globulin in blood plasma that carries iron
  3. exchange transfusion slow removal of a person's blood and its replacement with equal amounts of a donor's blood
  4. affine transformation (mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis
  5. countertransference the psychoanalyst's displacement of emotion onto the patient or more generally the psychoanalyst's emotional involvement in the therapeutic interaction
  6. interference fringe one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light
  7. thought transference apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions
  8. Ivory Coast franc the basic unit of money in the Ivory Coast
  9. organ transplant an operation moving an organ from one organism to another
  10. aminotransferase a class of transferases that catalyze transamination
  11. rights offering an offering of common stock to existing shareholders who hold subscription rights or pre-emptive rights that entitle them to buy newly issued shares at a discount from the price at which they will be offered to the public later
  12. transpiring that is passing through
  13. transient lasting a very short time
  14. air transport transportation by air
  15. transference the act of moving something from one form to another
  16. legal transfer the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another
  17. earned run average a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness
  18. interfering intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
  19. cascade transformer a number of transformers in series
  20. active transport transport of a substance (as a protein or drug) across a cell membrane against the concentration gradient; requires an expenditure of energy