1. automatic pilot a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course
  2. automatic pistol a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released
  3. automatically in a mechanical manner; by a mechanism
  4. automatic teller an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used
  5. automatic weapon a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
  6. atomic pile a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fission to generate energy
  7. autophytic plant plant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances
  8. traumatic epilepsy a convulsive epileptic state caused by a head injury
  9. semiautomatic pistol a pistol that is a semiautomatic firearm capable of loading and firing continuously
  10. automatic rifle light machine gun
  11. automobilist someone who drives (or travels in) an automobile
  12. automatic choke a choke that automatically controls the flow of air to the carburetor
  13. automatic operating with minimal human intervention
  14. automatic firearm a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
  15. idiomatically in an idiomatic manner
  16. amicability having a disposition characterized by warmth and friendliness
  17. tomato blight a disease of tomato plants
  18. automatic washer a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically
  19. idiomatical of or relating to or conforming to idiom
  20. automatic drive a transmission that automatically changes the gears according to the speed of the car