1. apparently seemingly; as far as one can tell
  2. order Gnetales chiefly tropical or xerophytic woody plants
  3. orientalise make oriental in character
  4. detrimental causing harm or injury
  5. Blatta orientalis dark brown cockroach originally from orient now nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
  6. Thuja orientalis Asiatic shrub or small tree widely planted in United States and Europe; in some classifications assigned to its own genus
  7. fundamentals principles from which other truths can be derived
  8. Trental a drug used to treat claudication
  9. orientalize make oriental in character
  10. oriental denoting or characteristic of countries of Asia
  11. Adirondacks a mountain range in northeastern New York State
  12. eternalise make famous forever
  13. inherently in an essential manner
  14. adherent someone who believes and helps to spread a doctrine
  15. Oriental a member of an Oriental race
  16. sutura frontalis the suture between two halves of the frontal bone
  17. Picea orientalis evergreen tree of the Caucasus and Asia Minor used as an ornamental having pendulous branchlets
  18. edentulous having lost teeth
  19. order Naiadales an order of aquatic monocotyledonous herbaceous plants
  20. adrenaline a secretion in response to stress, stimulating nerve action