1. au pair a foreigner who lives with a family and provides childcare
  2. abhor find repugnant
  3. apathy an absence of emotion or enthusiasm
  4. apar South American armadillo with three bands of bony plates
  5. appear come into sight or view
  6. apiary a shed containing a number of beehives
  7. upper higher in place or position
  8. aper someone who copies the words or behavior of another
  9. Apr the month following March and preceding May
  10. whopper something especially big or impressive of its kind
  11. impair make worse or less effective
  12. whipper a person who administers punishment by wielding a switch or whip
  13. weeper a person who weeps
  14. wiper a worker who wipes
  15. appro an informal British abbreviation of approval
  16. apery the act of mimicking; imitative behavior
  17. Abor little known Kamarupan languages
  18. affair a vaguely specified social event
  19. opera a drama set to music
  20. repair fix by putting together what is torn or broken