1. athletic contest a contest between athletes
  2. athletic facility a facility for athletic events
  3. athletic sock a sock worn for athletic events
  4. athletic competition a contest between athletes
  5. athlete's foot fungal infection of the feet
  6. intelligence activity the operation of gathering information about an enemy
  7. athletic type muscular and big-boned
  8. ethics committee a committee appointed to consider ethical issues
  9. athletic training the course of practice and exercise and diet undertaken by an athlete
  10. athletic field a piece of land prepared for playing a game
  11. ataxic aphasia aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired
  12. athletics active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
  13. athlete's heart enlarged heart commonly found among athletes trained for endurance
  14. educational activity the activities of educating or instructing
  15. civil rights activist a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups
  16. intoxicated stupefied or excited by a chemical substance
  17. agglutinating activity the coalescing of small particles that are suspended in solution; these larger masses are then (usually) precipitated
  18. electronegativity (chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond
  19. Gaius Octavianus Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC; defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra in 31 BC at Actium (63 BC - AD 14)
  20. spare-time activity an auxiliary activity